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Are You Thinking What I Am Thinking?

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It Is Late But I Want To Write

With so many topics to pick from

People like to specialize in what they are good at

What if we don't excel in any one thing

Then does that mean we do not write?

I like to think this is our special time

We have no choice but to be more creative and use our hidden talents

Even if we can't see them

We go with our gut instinct

Write out our thoughts as if they are flowing water from an icy cold brook

A little bit choppy and mysterious too

Trying to tempt and tease you

We are willing to please you

If you come over

Stick your hand right in

Feel your temperature drop

I am colder than you thought

As you pull your hand out

You wipe the water off

You suddenly jump back

I got your adrenaline pumping

Now the secret is how to keep it going

A little longer

So you don't get tired

So you are getting ready

Ready to jump

You surprised me

You want to dive right in

Not so fast

Take it slow

This is a wonderful way to go

Enjoy the sensation

Feel the inner turmoil

Push you to the edge

Making life surprisingly

An adventure you are on

Riding down the roller coaster

Feeling something you have never felt

A life rush

Now it is out in the open

It can never be hushed

BRENDA ARLEDGE this was made for you

When everyone else is sleeping

You are on the edge of your seat

Ready to go

Lots of energy

Used at the right time

Makes things happen

Sometimes we have to wait


Then show the world

We are here to stay