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Are You Awake Yet?

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I Know It's Early In The Morning

I couldn't wait to ask

How are you feeling?

What's new?

That is as genuine and real as it gets

Life can be a strange and a wonderful place

People all over the world

Are living and experiencing

Something so unbelievable

One magnificient life

All at the same time

The whole human race covers it pretty good

I know people love to point out the bad

I will spend my entire life

Doing the opposite

Finding the good

What part do animals play in our life?

I am willing to bet

You are going to say a major part

Without them where would we be?

Some animals we need to eat to survive

Others become our loyal companions

Always by our side

Yet we never hear people say

To all the animals and people of the world

Lets see if we can finally understand each other

Up to now people all over the world

Keep wanting to fight each other

I know a lot of people who love their pets

They really enjoy having a dog or a cat

The animal becomes so special

If people abuse an animal they can go to jail

Scientists all say we are smarter than animals

I think animals are smarter than us

They don't kill one another for greed and absolutely no reason

Yet people still do

Some animals become such a special part of our family

I know our own cat has made my wife and I

Very happy

Then on other times quite puzzled also

We keep to ourselves

Once and awhile

We might share a story or two

Around friends and neighbors

Even with our own family

We have recieved mixed reviews

Some people can relate and tell us their own story

Other people listen and don't really understand

Or at least they are not willing to show it

Animals do something people can't seem to get right

Love unconditionally

I wish people could learn from them

Then just maybe we could all find a good way

To get along

Live with all nationalities

As one

Just a thought, a fantasy and a dream all rolled together

I am always willing to go out on a limb

Expressing my views

No matter how unpopular or uncommon they may be

Hoping that one day they may turn into reality

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