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Are You as Good as You Think You Are?

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Are You As Good As You Think You Are?

I stood where you landed.
Parachuted in.
A tank still sits at Dead Man's Corner.
I saw the allied beaches
And sense the blood that was shed.
Heavy air remains there....

Utah beach was busy,
I saw a US guide hold sand high in the air...
This sand... over 800,000 landed
Not all the food made it...
Over 70 years on, your mind can not truly comprehend
But the stories must live on.

In comparison the German cemetery was deserted
Only a Dutch car was there
5000 men buried there
The wrong side of history,
Yet young men all the same.
Many graves had no name.

Yet still today people have prejudice.
But we like to think that we have changed.
Many are still judgemental,
Come on, we need to build a wall.
We need to condemn people not like us,
We can't let them experience love,
We need to cleanse our buildings and shut the door.

Jesus met with the unloved,
The social and physical lepers
He did not choose the scholars
And Shepherds and women mattered
In his birth and resurrection!
(Those were the socially unacceptable of the day)

People are people.
We all get things wrong
Some are a victim of circumstance,
Some refuse to be humble.
Some become hateful and bitter.

There are some however that love,
Love people as they are, despite their impurities.
They love, listen and care

For they know a God who is always there.

Patricia Ann Ward August 2018

© 2018 Tricia

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