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Why Are We To Tired To Write ?

A Made Up Excuse

When we can physically watch t.v. for hours on end

How come when we put a book in our hands

We suddenly get bored

We can hang with friends outside and get bitten alive by bugs

We won't sit in a warm house and type

Bringing new meaning to our life

Recounting our day

If we had to put our inheritance of a million dollars into piles

I am are sure you would never get bored

So why is it we dismiss our feelings so easily?

With one thought over powering the next

Thinking each thought is better

Lets get up and move about

Go outside and do something

Well I am doing something

Something very important

I am explaining about my day

The wonderful feeling it is to be alive

To watch my words appear as one letter at a time

Reaches the blank white screen

I know when I was a young man

I wrote and later typed on a manual type writer

Then to a word processor

Each time trying to make sense

Of a deep thought

An emotional feeling

That nobody else seemed to care

Knowing all to often my writings would never go any farther

Through time they would disappear

The hour or more I spent daily writing

Other people would see it as wasted time

I pictured in my mind that no matter what I wrote during my life

It was all recorded on video

So everything I wrote had a purpose

Now forty plus years later

I return to the original crime scene

I type my heart out easier than before

Carrying the same emotions and enthusiasm

This time I have an audience

One that may be small in numbers

I am always thrilled to have one person respond

I love the one on one interaction

The connection

Time is a fundamental component of my life

So how I spend my time always matters

Thinking and dreaming of the good we have yet to see

In one human being

That can spread to all corners of the world

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