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Arduous Journey

Adolf is a graduate of Philosophy at San Pablo Major Seminary. He is a registered teacher and currently living in the Philippines.


The Wanderer

All of us are in a journey. Life as we all know it is a journey itself and sometimes it is not the most pleasing journey that we have to trudge. But life must go on. We have to trudge, walk in the paths we choose wit faith, hope, and understanding. Sometimes we are put in a confusion and most of the time we feel like giving up. But life is matter of choices. Your struggles may either make you or break. I just want to share this poem I made a few years ago.

Arduous Journey

It is a cold dark night

And my soul is longing for a light

Deep in my heart is scream

Yet in my consciousness, I dream.

The path I’m choosing sunder

Yet the journey keeps on going yonder.

The eyes seem so blind

But many answer I have to find.

Questions that I keep on asking

Uncertainties that keeps me going

Life, as people say, is mysterious;

Well, never did it become obvious.

As we live our lives every single day,

Strange things happen along the way.

Everyday we have to choose,

Our hands hold whether we win or lose.

Our choices either make us go further

Or break us to become a loser.

Always make the right choices.

Never listen to false voices.

One thing I learned as I ponder,

Let yourself find your own answer

And let not other people hinder.

As the last part it says: Let yourself find your own answer; and let not other people hinder. You know, a wise man once said, "Don't look for meaning but rather put meaning and live with meaning." At the end of the day what matters most is yourself. Only you can control you.

© 2020 Adolf Christopper Festejo