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Archway Guard of the Heart

Halley is a man who loves to write poetry as an introduction to positive messages for his readers. as a form of social interaction.

Heart Gate

Heart Gate

There is a sign

About a story of struggle and effort

There is a taste

About how to form the meaning of responsibility and togetherness

There is a promise

About something that must be fulfilled and fulfilled

There is a dream

Of course make it a realization

We have been united by a name

Take it in every position

Take it on every encounter

Take it in a belief

We have been united by a name

Save everything in complaints and sweat

Keep everything in spirit and challenge

Save everything in a sacrifice

All of that leads to one goal.

We have been woven from the remnants of trust

We have hardened from all doubts

We have been carried away by the wind to forget

We have flowed into the ocean about the waves of revenge.

Let that name be the gate as a sign

Interwoven without being bound

Bound without being forced

Forced without torture

Tortured without being hurt

Hurt without feeling

Feel by caring and together

To become accustomed to a name and care for others

We are nobody. If you don't want to introduce yourself

Hiding in the corner of a dark room

Hiding behind pretense ambitions.

We have built a Heart Gate

About what caring is

About how to understand each other

About how to respect each other

About how to be open and honest with each other

Never try to betray

Because we have built it slowly and carefully.

It's about what we already have. A heart arch.

© 2019 Halley Kawistoro

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