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Distance and Space Between Us

Poetry brings Solace,,, wrote a poem to remind myself that Im not alone, and there's more to life than I imagine

Why write?

Have you ever had that instance where you find someone you didn't know but seems too familiar ? Kinda makes you think like you have already known that person, not here, maybe from the other time,.. But the saddest part is that you don't talk and you're barely a stranger to him/her.



Hey, how are you?

That is what I wanted to ask

Have you been well?

or maybe cold during the dusk

Can I help you on your daily task?

or Ima just a dust to you...

Oh what the hell Ima thinking

she's been there for you

unconsciously kind to you and helping

Being the reason for your world to rotate

As my universe sunks,

to you I orbit

Its funny how I think

That you were just pretending

when you wink

I thought you actually had feelings

But naaa ,

You were just playing cool

And now look,

Ima such a fool

So fooollll that I can't bair to pretend

That my heart isn't aching as I see

broken pieces descends

Unto the ground it lands

The broken pieces of my fantasies


Oh dear guy,

why is destiny so cruel?

I mean , Have I not been good in this existence?

You've been a fuel

To reach my goals no matter the distance

I know it's weird

To wish you both a happy life

I feared

When the day comes

You'd see her as your wife

But what can I do

With her you're happy

Boy, I love you

But I don't wanna be trashy

© 2018 Jai Hitachiin

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