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Applying Love in Wilderness of Hatred Part 2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication



This is a simple work of poetry talking about the experience of someone who finds herself in a position she never dreams of.

It is the continuation of the first.

What one has little

Or no experience about

One can barely counsel

Others who are passing

Through such position well

Thus, she cannot counsel well

Thkse people passing through

Such position infact her

Counsels infuriates them

Whenever she counsels because

Instead of alleviating their traumas

She "kinda" adds to it

Opening the wound sites

That's gradually healing up

The pains become intense

The wound sites become fresh

Because of inappropriate treatment

Meted out via such utterances

Thus people who have experienced

Wilderness of confusion and hatred

Barely go to people who live in

Wilderness of love for counsel


Even when they met at

The center of mixtures

Where "everything goes"

They don't share their

Experience with them

Because they know doing

That will aggravate their problems

Other than alleviating it

Therefore they have learnt to be

Playing safe at such posit

Because of what she has heard

And seen of the predicament

And what those people in such

Wilderness pass through

And where she has been

Given birth to and grown

Up to full stature

She never for a time

Dreamt of ever finding

Herself in such position

No not on this earth

Because everyone she plays

With are the people who

Live in wilderness and atmosphere

Of love

Different contacts and friendships

Had she made with others who

Lived in the same atmosphere with her


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