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Applying Love in Wilderness of Hatred Part 1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



It is a poetry about a person and people who find themselves where they do not expect in life. When she discovers the position she finds herself she couldn't believe it will happen to her, but "lo and behold" it has happened to her...

When she wakes up

She finds herself in

The wilderness of confusion and hatred

She hasn't been in

Such wilderness before

How she gets into this

Wilderness she cannot really say

It still remains a mystery

To her how she gets

To this position

For she has never

Dreamt of ever getti

Into this position

No not in this lifetime

This is because she has

All it takes to live in

The city well decorated with flowers

Yea there she has been

Living all the while

She has been living in a place

Full of fragrance of love


Whenever she moves out of

Such posit to another

She gets to a place full of lovely aroma

Thence she has been thinking

There is nothing that could

Ever take her to a position

Of hatred and confusion

She has been hearing about

Such wilderness before

Sometimes if not all the times

She finds it hard to believe

That such position exists

She feels for those people

Who share their nasty

Experiences with others

About such positions

But the depth of what

They had passed through

And are passing through

She has no knowledge about

She can't properly counsel

Them too whenever they

Talk about such experience


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