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Applying Love In Wilderness of Hatred Part 4

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



Having been where she is for sometimes she starts adapting to the situation there. Soon enough she starts employing what she has learnt to address the situations that come along her path in the wilderness.

When she resolves to start

Doing this, then she starts

Having headways in the wilderness

This development makes the

Power of love albeit hidden

To hwe to start developing

With the power of love

She was able to adapt

To the situation of things

In the wilderness of

Hatred and confusion

The power of love energizes

The love she has in her to

Work tremendously and

Silence all upheavals that

Hatred and confusion

Can posit to her


Now she understands better

For she has felt the pains

Others have felt before and

Know why they act the way

They acted before

For assuming she was

In their position then

She reasoned she couldn't

Have acted differently.

Her actions may have

Been worst ones than


Now that she has suffered

She can counsel better

Now that she has

Experienced the pains

She knows how it is and

Can comfort better

Now that she has felt

The heat, she knows

How to quench the heat.

Experience people say is

The best teacher...


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