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Applying Love In Wilderness of Hatred Part 3

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication



This is the third in the series of this short work.

The person who has find herself in the position she does not think about in life, soon starts adapting to the situation...

Earlier on, as she grows,

She looks forward to

A better tomorrow

In the wilderness of love

She was altogether

Mistaken because what she

Finds herself experiencing

Is a total disociance from

What she had always dreamt of in life

And now that she finds

Herself at a posit totally

Different from where she

Had ever dreamt of

She cannot but marvel

Continually asking herself

Of how and why she gets

There in the first instance

Answers eluded her brain

As she continues to experience

Those things she has been

Hearing people shared with

Her previously when in wilderness of love


Every moment of her day

As from when she finds

Herself there was full of

Confusion cum hatred

When she shows love

Hatred will appear to her

When she organizes

Things it will be disorganized

She keeps recycling a circle

Until when she learnt to listen

To her inner voice

It is time to employ

What she has learnt

When in wilderness of love

For only love can silence

And conquer hatred,

When hatred is conquered

Confusion would be reduced

If not totally eliminated


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