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Apology (Requested)

Honey, while I'm writing this to you

All my thoughts are with you

I don't actually know how to start

How to say that you will deeply feel my heart

I really apologize if I hurt you

Hope you will forgive me too

I should haven't done it as there's no reason to do it

Please I'm sorry if I caused you to be upset

Oh how I miss you so much

How you smile, laugh and when you look at me that melted my heart so much

I'm sorry again if I made you mad

I have been selfish that now I really feel bad

I'm sorry if I made you feel that I didn't love you

Please believe me never a day has passed that I stopped on loving you

God gave you to me

And forever I will love and cherish you deeply

Just like what the song says

When God made you,He must have been thinking about me

Honey, I love you..I really really do

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