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My Father

When I took birth and opened my eyes,
I saw a person standing beside me.
He was very happy to see me,
As if for his happiness I was the only key.

I grew up to be five,
and he taught me to live life.
He taught me everything,
and left nothing.

I believe him to be my godfather,
To save myself from every snake, he gave me a ladder.
But for me, he is always the winner,
Because he always made my way clear.

All these years, he taught me good living,
And I'm glad to have a father who is believing.
He did so much in my way,
But for him, we celebrate only one day.

I don't know how to thank his favor,
Because he made me braver.
He made my story of which he is the author,
and I'll be always proud to be his daughter.