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Anywhere Near Your Heart

Most of my poems are from what can best be described as my "Blue Period", aka "The Dark Year of the Restless Soul".


Folks are always writing

About this feeling called despair

I'd listen to their sorry songs

I really did not care

But now you've got me singin'

Since you put me down

About these blues you're bringin'

Got me feeling like a clown

Sometimes when I get this low

When there's nowhere else to go

I use this trusty pen of mine

In hopes someday you'll know

I see you in my dreams at night

And every time I sleep

I seem to miss you more and more

This blue is running deep

Each song that's on the radio

Seems to call your name

And every time I wake up

The voice I hear's the same

Don't push me from your life right now

Don't slam that open door

There's an answer to our problems, girl

We'll work them out for sure

I've got that lonely feeling

Since you put me down

I sit and home and watch TV

You said, "Don't come around".

Why can't we sit and work it out

Get back to what it was about

We watched those months

Turn into years

We fought and struggled

Through laughter and tears

Remember how it was, back then

Havin' great fun in the start

Spent every day together, then

Couldn't stand to be apart

Now it seems you're sayin'

I no longer play a part

I'm no longer to be stayin'

Anywhere near your heart

Don't Come Around Here No More

© 2018 Hal Gall