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Political Principle of "Anything Goes"


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Another Day Is Over with Our Stories Many of which Are Not Worth Repeating at Next Sunrise.-- Val Karas

Another Day Is Over with Our Stories Many of which Are Not Worth Repeating at Next Sunrise.-- Val Karas


Oftentimes I wonder why those Fathers of our western cultural paradigm were politicians and violent idiots -- so often being same people -- rather than scholarly brainiacs.

Really folks, we are using some cheap justification for our pride, while mainly allowing historical -- also hysterical -- models of coexistence to repeat themselves ad nauseam.

With a whole silent army of available academics who might show us a path towards a next level of consciousness evolution, here we are, seemingly thriving on idiocies of greed for power, arrogance, economic terrorism, lies, and massive manipulation.

Was it the great Greek philosopher Plato who said: "Man is an animal endowed with mind" -- without a way to really tell on which part of that definition accent to be placed.

For, those highly glorified concepts of "freedom" and "rights" got perverted into an "anything goes" principle, which put us just at an, often invisible, border with animalistic crudeness.

Should we keep inventing some fancy names for it, or see how it's leading us to a cultural suicide where ethics and humanness are whatever we, whimsically, choose them to be.

And when we find ourselves in a political mess, where there is nothing worth following as a shiny example, should we tell the world: "Don't look at us now -- wait until we have something more presentable to show."

Something like a vain woman at the breakfast table would say:: "Don't look at me, wait till I slap a couple of coats of makeup on my face -- for THAT will be REAL me."

Thoughts like these somehow inspired the next three rhymed pieces. If they sound harsh, it's because they are meant to sound that way -- that's why alarm clocks are made to sound unpleasant, otherwise we would stay in our dream -- or in our nightmare.

Thinking Is an Art

It's just a talent to be logical with ease

and not many are naturally endowed

to grasp reality to some is a breeze

and others shouldn't be allowed.

Daily news are showing those at work

messing up anything their brains touch

whether a moron or some first class jerk

their reasoning is not contributing much.

Many public figures should go for a test

to measure their ability to make a sense

leaving decisions to those who do it best

without that shallow posing and pretense.

It's possible to act as someone who knows

pulling leg of all those of the same brand

a well planted stupidity quickly grows

with no requirement to understand.

Much of our reality is but the result

of a brainless decision-making clown

even smart ones not worth their salt

playing along the only game in town.

Galleries don't really display anything cheap

but requirement to lead is not to be smart

anyone will do, even an arrogant creep

as voters forget that thinking is an art.

Dummies' Anthem

May all dummies now unite

for future belongs to their kind

after glorious past of a violent delight

and present lived with an absence of mind.

Yours is the world, always has been

every crown made to fit just your head

each of your soldiers being lean and mean

and each corner good for beggar's daily bread.

Down with those brains -- long live guts!

Grab it if you can, don't bother to explain

this world was created for idiots and nuts

so down with anyone intelligent and sane.

Don;t ever forget those promises you made

to fight every sign of smartness and order

defend your insanity with gun and blade

spread it like religion without border.

Harmony is for wimps who don't know any better

so make sure to protest for sake of protesting

respect your Manifesto to its very last letter

and work against reason without resting.

Dummies of the world, come on spread your wings

together you are strong, don't waste any hour

for you are the force, you are the kings

so make every sweetness turn sour.

Unfair Games

What is the mankind's score of success

when seen from one to another nation

some of us are living in a filthy excess

others' children dying of starvation.

What gives us the right to be so proud

with standing ovations so gratifying

with all that cheer deafening loud

making inaudible others' crying.

We're not choosing color of our skin

but it seems to be such a big deal

as if a condition to lose or to win

a stigma imposing how we feel.

Even our gods can't make up their minds

what should be good for all to believe

so we need all these religious kinds

not seeing how we look naiive.

Thus I just stay clear of unfair games

minding the world that I have created

not falling for those bombastic names

minding what can be loved, not hated.

© 2021 Val Karas

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