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Anxious Lad

The author wants to enjoy the essence of life and stay happy as long as possible even in the darkest days.

Something that is normal for him,

Might not be Normal to you,

Judging him based on the giggles you heard when walking around with some


is not appropriate

There is nothing wrong with him,

He just needs some peaceful time to figure out something,

That satisfies his answers and quench

Seemingly unharmful,

He shakes tirelessly on his bed with covers galloping his body,

When around a bunch of friends,

You can still feel he seems to be out of the gossips,

And in his own world of beliefs

There is no reason,

There is no correct response for the same,

Just let him be

Try to get him out of his shell,

Do not leave him to deal with it


Cause you might regret it when the time runs other way around,

Try to be there by his side whenever he reaches out to you,

Don't take the back step

Move forward together with him.