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Anxiety Chasing Me to My Grave - Response to Word Challenge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Brenda Arledge, a fellow writer in Hubpages, is providing us word prompt every week in an uninterrupted way giving us the opportunity to present our creative work inspired by that word. Now for the week-39, she has given us the word 'Anxiety' which motivated me and I have composed a poem based on my perception and experience about this entity called anxiety that is so commonly present in our lives.

Anxiety is a natural feeling in our lives. It is very rare if a person doesn't possess it. Most of the people on this earth are affected by anxiety in one way or other. It is said that a minimum level of anxiety is very necessary for our progress and development. This is the amount of anxiety that forces us to work hard in our lives and continuously tread ahead in our careers. At the same time, a large amount of anxiety would be harmful to us affecting our mental as well as physical health.

It will be a good thing to accept some amount of anxiety in our lives as a way of life and adjust to it in such a manner that it can be used in a positive and constructive way in our lives rather than to curse it for umpteen number of times without getting rid of it.

As said, high amount of anxiety in our lives is not a good thing as it will affect our mental and physical health significantly and we should be very careful and cautious on that front to avoid it at any cost. Experts and consultants suggest many ways to fight with this enemy known as anxiety but ultimately it is the individual who has to find ways to control and eradicate this evil from one's life. It will not leave us and we have to keep it away or at the minimum threshold.

Anxiety Chases Me to My Grave

My anxiety was born with me,

I did not know that at that time.

Then while growing up I came to know about it,

And accepted it as a usual sign.

During my school days,

I always worried for my exams.

Anxiety time to time gripped me,

I had insomnia and occasional spasms.

My health was affected,

But I had scored good marks.

I was happy to get admission in college,

Thinking of career sparks.

College study was more challenging,

And my anxiety levels increased.

Competitions were more stiff,

All my excitements got ceased.

I was lucky to complete my course,

And also achieved a good score.

I felt happy and contented,

What else I wanted more.

Now the time came for getting a job,

And I was trying desperately for that.

Anxiety again enveloped me,

What if I am not able to secure a job.

Somehow I got a job of my liking,

I felt satisfied and as a warrior.

But it was only for a short time,

As I came to know about sustaining career.

Working and then rising in the career,

Required a series of fights.

Life seemed so difficult and challenging,

With anxiety crossing heights.

I am still working and working,

But anxiety remains there.

It would chase me to my grave,

And that is my only fear.

How to cope with anxiety

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt