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Talons on Hunt


Guilt ridden on her mind,

Guilt of her pain,

Guilt of not shield her boundaries

Like a burden, your sin,

Hangs on her soul

To the dark room

Where she was wet with tears

and numb with pain.

Her brown hair brushed with wet tears

and laid against her cheek.

Her soft white legs was controlled.

with your Grubby hand,

She was telling you to STOP No

She was dying, abused and crying

How did you not know she was

Suffocating, shaking by guilt and shame.

She thought touch

suppose to was love.

Because everybody loves her, wants to play with her

How would that child know what happening to her,

Too much for 4yrs to bear that hell of pain

Life time she spent hiding your evil truth,

And sorrow of her pain.

Again,again her memory

Riding to dark room

Where you controlled her hand.

And put on the black blood

But now she found sharp part of her self

And touch him as,


© 2022 Anwesha Pandey

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