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Anticipation per “Bill Holland’s Challenge”

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Response to Bill's Challenge

Bill is scaling down his writing on HubPages and has new plans. He has challenged the HP authors to write a story or poem and my article contains two poems as a response to Bill’s challenge.

One of Bill’s plans includes buying a motorhome for travel with Bev. Anticipation is the word I used as I thought about Bill and Bev’s plans to get a travel trailer then hit the road. One is an acrostic poem and the other a narrative poem with a bit of humor at the end.

Acrostic Poem - Anticipation

A new adventure lies just ahead

Not a worry will ruin this day

Taking a trip for us to enjoy

Idle time will just be okay

Cherishing each scenic view

Itching to keep traveling on

Planning to enjoy every minute

Always smiling loving each other

Together we will always be

It seems each day passes quickly

Onward we go living our dreams

Not willing to compromise our path



Anticipation starting a new adventure

Not knowing what is next or ahead

Predicting a wondrous time of joy

No matter where our feet will tread

Expecting our trip to be delightful

In the new motorhome it will be fun

Suspense as we wonder in awe

We will enjoy moments in the sun

Excitement rules the day we leave

Hoping to see breathtaking views

Swimming and hiking filling our days

We are delighted not to hear the news


Joy of My Life

© 2022 Pamela Oglesby

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