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Anti-Feminist Traits: Breaking the Cycle

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Believed that it was okay to be strong and vulnerable at same time

Doesn't have to be one or the other in order to be a woman

Taught from the history books of strong defined women

Who broke down barriers in society for their gender

Obtaining rights so that they no longer have to hide

Behind their parents or a husband in order to be established

Able to be a separate individual and still make an impact

Beyond being a homemaker and child bearer

Women so much more than just the sums of those parts

Can hold down a job, drive a car and pay the bills

Misguided society bigwigs who believe that was a mistake

Cringing at the idea of putting women back in the kitchen

Not on the front lines of anything society had to offer

Unfair practice that some old school traditionalists still trying

To no avail thankfully, Gloria Steinem wouldn't allow it

Desire to go backwards to the days of the caveman not appealing

Tired of the generic argument of wanting to go back to the good old days

Those days are dead and buried along with those worn out apron strings

Given mixed messages on how a woman should behave

Or express their emotions without being too over the top

Another misconceived stereotype from Hollywood

Written by a misguided man trying to sell movie tickets

About a woman scorned in the matter of love and heartbreak

Fed up with having to be a certain way to satisfy the masses

Check off certain boxes in order to be a proper woman

Avoid showing this and that on certain occasions

Can't keep up with all the guidelines magazines offered

On how to cross and uncross your legs when deemed appropriate

Understanding the stigma of being overly feminine

As if it was a set of exposed wires corroding under the elements

Don't criticize before knowing all the facts of this case

Strength and vulnerability can go hand in hand

One doesn't have to supersede the other

Not a sign of weakness to allow yourself to cry when needed

Provided a release for pent up emotions unable to get out otherwise

Determined to find inner power and harness it for constructive purposes

Instead of tearing apart the foundation that was laid down 36 years ago

Won't let anyone, anything or any rule defeat this lady warrior

Possible to color inside and outside the lines in the art of life

Hearts can get broken, but everything goes back together with time

Heals all wounds and makes everything seem different

For better or worse.

Women wear many different hats if they choose to do so.

Women wear many different hats if they choose to do so.