Updated on November 11, 2017


In 1989 HANK PYM.
Resigns from S.H.I.E.L.D after discovering.
Their attempt to replicate his Ant-Man technology.
Pym tries hiding it as long as he is living.
But DARREN CROSS has found it.
That technology he replicated.
Cross wants is to be a weapon.
Rym is horrified. He asks cross to not do it.
He tells HOPE that he has the man to stop it.
SCOTT LANG who just came out of jail.
Moves in with LUIS who he spent time in the cell.
His criminal record keeps him off jobs.
But his friend Luis offers him a job.
A job to commit burglary.
But it is one that will change his life story.
He finds the safe and breaks into it.
But finds nothing but a suit inside of it.
Unknowing that Pym is watching him.
A little ant is monitoring him.
Scott takes home the suit.
He then tries on the suit.
His friends walk in looking for him.
But he shrinks himself and they can't find him.
He's now to an ant size in the tub.
Sees his friend Luis turning on.
Turning on the water from the faucet.
While Scott hears Pym's voice inside it.
He goes places with his any size.
He then goes back to normal size.
Pym knows he is surprised.
Instead, Scott takes it back.
The police stand in his tracks.
They arrest him and take him to jail.
Pym poses as his lawyer to get him out of jail.
He then tells him he chose him.
Tells him that he led him.
Led him to the suit.
Then helps him escape the suit.
Scott escapes and mounts the ant.
He wakes to a bedroom of ants.
While his daughter stands over his bed.
Informing him of a meeting with her dad.
Hope feels that Scott is not needed.
Pym assures her that he is needed.
Pym offers him a job.
Pym tells Scott he was robbed.
Robbed of his company.
He wants Scott to take back his company.
While Cross replicates the technology.
Pym works on convincing.
HOPE tries ruling Scott out.
Thinking she has Cross all figured out.
She thinks she should do it.
Pym says no she cant do it.
As the former Ant-Man.
He tells Scott that he's the new Ant-man.
They make Scott do his homework.
Scott becomes an ant expert.
But also gets closer to Hope.
He realizes that he needs hope.
Pym sends him to steal the device.
Aiding them in their heist.
Their heist of the Avengers base
He meets Sam Wilson face to face.
Meanwhile, Cross perfects it.
Introducing an army of yellowjackets.
Scott arrives with his army of ants.
He then goes to sabotage the event.
He sabotages the servers.
Around it planting explosives.
He steals the yellowjackets.
Cross captures and holds hostage.
Holds hostage Pym and Hope.
In a battle, Scott is freed.
Scott later ends up killing.

Paul Rudd
Scott Lang/Antman
Evangeline Lilly
Correy Stoll
Darren Cross/Yellow Jacket
Micheal Douglas
Hank Pym

Peyton Reed


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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