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Answered Prayers_A New Collection of Angelic Poetry

Kristen Howe had written dozens of book reviews for Netgalley, First to Read (before it was defunct), for BookishFirst, & also on her blog.

Angels Responds to Prayers


Ask an Angel

Did you ever want to know how to connect to God and our guardian angels? Other than talking to their spirits above, we send a little prayer to God. This is our way to the Heavens to send a message to them. Because they're always listening and watching over us. Like making a wish on a falling star, or blowing out candles on a birthday cake, for example. We can ask an angel anything by prayer. And if it's directed to a loved one, it would be sent to them right away.

There are so many devotional prayers you can find one online or even at your church. It could be on a variety of topics from health, money, the weather, and even a general one. If you say a prayer before each meal, whether with family or alone, God listens to you. He's always looking out for you. If you ask him a question via an angel, you would receive an answer real soon.

I prayed to God to keep an eye out on my cat Wylie, because he's getting older and surpassed his nine lives, until he passed away this February from an illness. It was a blessing to have him still among the living and extra time, though he drove me crazy in a good way I sent prayers for myself on a more personal matter too. So if you ever feel the need to ask for divine intervention, a prayer is what you need to do, day and night.

Answered Prayers and Dim Starlight

Answered Prayers

The angels are ordered and answer prayers of the believers,
May they be at home, or worshipped at church to God,
Cries for help, need and advice, or for the suffering,
As all answered prayers for the angels to hear.

The pendulum of all of their moods will swing,
When it starts out in anger, and ends in compassion,
They’ll judge all of God’s children on their Judgment Day,
For when their Annunciation Day comes, they’ll be ready.

Angel quote: “The angels are ordered to answer the prayers
of the believers. The angels will hear, and the pendulum will
swing {from anger to compassion}.”—Imam Salik

Dim Starlight

To equip a dull, respectable person with wings,
It would make Heaven’s bright stars go dim,
God’s angels would lose their halo’s glow,
And some might be fallen, and turn to evil.

It would be, but to make a parody of an angel,
For when they accept good spirited souls,
Respected their elders, helped the less fortunate,
And most importantly have a wholesome heart.

Angel thought #26: “To equip a dull, respectable person with wings
would be but to make a parody of an angel.”—Robert Louis Stevenson

Following Angels and Stellar Evolution

Following Angels

When in need, counsel, help and guidance,
I, too, would seek the angels to follow,
At church, or by my bed, with knelt knees to pray,
Lord of all angels, languish God me hallow?

Send the angels of pureness and innocence,
I gladly would emulate their holy zeal,
Surround me with warmth of the healing light,
I gladly would their glad obedience feel.

Fallen feathers of their wings as a sign,
My forehead, like theirs, the holiness seal,
Anointed in oil, baptized in water so fine,
Let new love build me up as rejuvenation.

Angel thought #40: “I, too, would seek the angels to follow,
Lord of all angels, with Thou me hallow?
I fain would emulate their holy zeal,
I fain would their glad obedience feel,
My forehead, like theirs, Thy holiness seal.”—Anonymous

Stellar Evolution

In the history of evolution of origins of mankind,
In the kingdom of humans, animals and plants,
There’s a class and a category of their very own,
That still evolves today, like the sun and the solar system.

It’s unknown to us today, and not written in the books,
It’s written in the constellations of stars and moons,
Man was created a little lower than the angels,
And it has been getting a little lower ever since.

Angel quote: “ Man was created a little lower than the angels,
and has been getting a little lower ever since.”—Josh Billings

Friendly Seraphs and Authority Tongues

Friendly Seraphs

When you need someone to turn to for help,
Or when you need someone for grief and sorrow,
There’s always someone to be there for you,
May it be in spirit, or even in person.

Just look up to the sky, and say a prayer,
God’s friendly seraphs will be on call,
They will hear you out, and send an answer for you,
Your answer will be received by God and answered by a fallen feather.

Angel quote: “Always be an angel-on-call for a friend.”—Anonymous

Authority Tongues

Whenever we get close to an angel,
Their language is is a class of their own,
The angels are so enamored of the language,
Especially the one that’s spoken in Heaven.

They only know Biblical, Hebrew, Greek and Latin,
English is a new language of their kind,
That they won’t distort their lips with the hissing,
Specifically the unmusical dialects of men.

To the angels, it’s Greek to them, needing translation,
Or an interpreter to find the meaning of the words,
But speak their own, whether there be any,
Humanely, who understand it or not.

Angel quote: “The angels are so enamored of the language that is spoken
in heaven, that they will not distort their lips with the hissing and
unmusical dialects of men, but speak their own, whether there be any who
understand it or not.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Principality Peers and Authority Cleansing

Principality Peers

Let us not fear, therefore, to be but a few among many in our belief,
That angels guide us, protect us, and when it’s time, await for us,
Let us not fear opposition, suspicion, reproach, temptation or ridicule,
Or this would only sway us to turn to the sinister dark side.

God sees us, and His angels, they’re forever looking on,
Observing everyone in this world to prepare for our arrivals,
They know we’re right, and be our witness to us too,
So when it’s time for our trial at Judgment Day, they’re ready.

And yet a little while, their presence will be visibly known,
By raising the white light carpet of warmth for our entrance,
And he that cometh shall come, and will not tarry,
That everyone who’s pure and innocent is welcomed to Heaven.

Angel thought #29: “Let us not fear, therefore, to be but
a few among many in our belief. Let us not fear opposition,
suspicion, reproach, or ridicule. God sees us, and His angels,
they are looking on. They know we are right, and bear witness
to us; and yet a little while, and He that cometh shall come, and
will not tarry.”—John Henry Newman

Authority Cleansing

An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man,
Cleansing it with purity, innocence and good will,
Just by strengthening the power of vision to all,
Touching you with invisible hands and fallen angel wing feathers.

And by bringing within his reach, some truth to earth,
They’ll right the wrongs,and set Lady Liberty’s justice scale equal,
In which the angel himself contemplates to God,
That the battle of good versus evil will forever go on.

Angel thought #2: “An angel can illumine the thought and mind
of man by strengthening the power of vision, and by bringing
within his reach some truth which the angel himself contemplates.”—Thomas Aquinas

Vigils and Dream Weavers


Sweet souls around us watch us still,
Keeping vigils in the night by the light of the moon,
Invisible touches press nearer to our side,
Brushing away the cobwebs of illness, not so soon.

Purity enters into our thoughts, into our silent prayer,
Answering calls for help, need, advice and consolation,
And with assistance from God, it’s with gentle helpings glide there,
By providing us to stay on the straight and narrow.

Angel thought #2: “Sweet souls around us watch us still,
Press nearer to our side;
Into our thoughts, into our prayers,
With gentle helping guide.”—Harriet Beecher Stowe

Dream Weavers

If you feel a tap on your shoulder with a faint tap,
A little heavenly guidance for love is on your way,
Look up to the sky to catch a fallen feather from angel wings,
Make a wish on a shooting star or comet.

Your dreams and wishes will come true for sure,
Blow out birthday candles, and toss coins in wells or water fountains,
Break a wishbone in half with your significant other,
They’re your dream weavers; where love abounds, angels hover overhead.

Angel quote: “Where love abounds angels hover overhead.”—Anonymous

Send a Prayer to Heaven

If you feel like you're alone in this world, you're not. If you miss a loved one or needed to talk to God, the angels would listen to you and take it to our Lord. Whether you send a silent prayer during church or at night in your home, God would be there for you. All you have to do is go on your knees and pray. It could be for you and your family, your friends, co-workers, and even for your own country. No matter how big or small, it would take time for God to answer you.

For the past seven years since I went to my new church, I'd found some inner peace and healing. I made new friends and asked for good health, good fortune, and sometimes for good weather, too. And like the old adage that God works in mysterious ways, He sometimes do! If you need something to get off your chest, prayers could be cathartic and healing for you. So make a wish, close your eyes, and pray. Maybe yours will be answered real soon.

© 2015 Kristen Howe

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