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Another Visit From Saint Nick

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

Another Visit From Saint Nick

Santa came

His usual game

Big bag of goodies

Long list of names

Sat by the hearth

Ho ho’ed his mirth

Ate the cookies

After he’d covered the earth

Same old drill

To me, it seemed

Honestly didn’t look

Like the life of one’s dreams

But then I swear

Something happened

A tear

A drop in the corner

Of his eye

I don’t know why

No, that’s a lie

I actually do

I could see him

Looking at the gifts

Under the tree

The stockings hung

By the brick chimney

Some with more care

Than others

The joy all around

He could feel it, you see

I just didn’t

Want to believe

I’d worked my whole life

To deceive


And others who’d listen

But this dude

He cared

It was right there

You could see it

And in any case

I had stayed up all night

‘Cause I wanted to have faith

But also substantiation

So who am I kidding

Besides me?

I snuck under the stairs

He didn’t know I was there

That’s what I thought

I’d never get caught

And just as I thunk it

About the time he grabbed

The milk and drunk it

Did the nose thing

Finger to the side

Up the chimney

Backwards slide

I felt like The Joker

Envying my foe

“Where does he get those wonderful toys?!”

But Nick’s was a trick

Not a toy

And I learned just then

He was more of a friend

Than a foe

When I heard in the air

A whisper

“You’ve been a good boy?”

A query

Not an observation

I looked around

Assessed the situation

I was alone

Under the stair

No one else there

But beside me a cookie

How did that get there?

And then I looked back to the tree

That would have made Charlie Brown green

Saw something for me

My name written there

And a note:

I won’t tell

If you won’t

Then ran to the door

Picked up my slippers

From off the floor

Donned them

Dashed to the yard

Stepped on my pajama pant leg

Tore it to tatters

Tripped on the power strip peg

A pretty good clatter

I pictured neighbors waking up

Ripping open shutters

Throwing back sashes

To see what was the matter

The lights wrapped me up

And pulled me down

Into the snow bank

On my back

Took my breath

Which when it returned

I could see

As I looked up

Into the cold night sky

Witnessed a most awesome fly by

And Santa looking down laughing

Not ho ho’ing

But ha ha’ing

Actually guffawing

And the red nose

Out front

Was blinking

Like a blinking beacon

And I ran my tongue

Along the roof of my mouth

Like the Bumble

Kind of

But I only lost two choppers

And, anyway, I need a ladder

To put on the toppers

Of Christmas trees

And also I don’t bounce

Like Bumbles do

I waved and smiled

A missing-front-tooth smile

Which reminded me of another song

And as I mentally sang along

Santa raised a red mitten

And waved right back

Swaying side to side

Ere he drove out of sight

What a night

And what a guy

With deer that can fly

Pull a sled into the sky

Stop and care

About people everywhere

All over

That’s a lot of love

And a lot of cookies, too

Must have a heart

Ten sizes too big

The Ms. must have to rig

Some special kinds of clothes

For that ticker and that belly

Oh well he

Might burn off some of those carbs

Hauling that big sack of goods

And then my train of thought was interrupted

When across the night sky

A loud cry erupted

In a voice that could be heard

From here to


Which is pretty damn far


It’s in Madagascar

Can’t get there by car

Until you land on the island

Which is on the other side of the planet

From here

But then what I learned tonight

Is the big guy’s jollity

Is meant for all of humanity

So when the phrase unfurled

It was heard around the world:

“Merry Christmas to all

Bless us every one

All across the globe

And under the sun!”

"Bumbles Bounce"

© 2020 greg cain

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