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Another Thrill

I trek on recondite avenues - yet again:

What do I do?

- Relinquish all,

Abandon the durable,


For bliss - of evanescent ilk;

For momentary hope.

Go West, go West - whenever in trouble.

Perchance, it will work - maybe this time.

Too many chimerical dryads - hallucinatory;

Too little time - tick-tock! tick-tock! - the hour draws nigh - that dreaded November.

Ivy League intoxication or Southern reverie.

- The sylph puncturing the core, in equal measure.

Do lawyers even dream? Or revel in crumbs of joy?

- I dare not - not again. Not one single chance;

Just look in the mirror - lyrical murder.

Soliloquy has never been so cathartic.

I vehemently disbelieve - it's for the best.

The towering armor, the iron-will -

Reason buttresses the very last bits

Of Humanity left.

Even the idiosyncrasy of expression torments me - I cannot convey

But fractional feeling.

Dendrites - ebony branches pulsate

Ounces of misery.

Feeling more potent than

Myriads of opiates.

Face the inevitable - perhaps.

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