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Another Story We Have Heard Before

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Go With The Flow

Better yet go against the tide

See how hard it is

Little can get done

As the world turns

We learn fast

There is only one way

It is not what we think

It is the way of the world

As the night fills the world with darkness

We push the limits

Using technology with the great use of electricity

If we go back to the years before 1752

Where electric power was only a dream

One man made it happen

How many other people have tried ?

With no success

We will never know

Creativity and cleverness

The right combination

Innovation at its best

I want to know where all the broken dreams go

The heartache and the sorrow

The deep darkness and lost and despair

As I meet my own unique challenges

Earlier today I was fine

Minutes from now I can't walk

My knee popped

I struggle to stand

Hobble as I walk

Here I am two days ago

Working an eleven hour shift

On my feet the whole time

Age and good health definitely matter

I rest when I am tired

I get up early when I am inspired

I work a job that I love

I get pressure from people I can't figure out

So in my mind

I am having a great time

Opening every door that has been closed

Some for so long

The cobb webs drape the corners

It never stops me from moving on

Shattered glass makes a mess

It gives us a since of lost direction

When it was a layer of transparent glass

It revealed all the beauty we could see

Starting with ourselves

Then anything we put before it

It shined in a whole different light

Nobody ever questioned

It was accepted and true

Beauty turned into beautiful

Right before our eyes

For anyone to see

At anytime

If you were only in the right spot

Then all things are fine

© 2022 DREAM ON

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