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Another Normal Day!

Raizen is a high school student with numerous awards relating to poetry and literature as well as a literary writer for the journalism club.

"It's just another normal day"

Yawned awake the sleepy Fred

Though he did find it kind of odd

That someone had made his bed

"It's just another normal day"

He went ahead and said

"I don't need to comb my hair"

Announced the lazy Fred

It's just another normal day

While walking to his school

Though he did find it kind of odd

Why no one talked at all

They walked in silence to their class

Was this a sort of prank?

How did he not get in on it?

"It's boring to be frank"

It's just another normal day

I talk to my best friend

But even he was quiet too

Was I being ignored?

"Ha-ha-ha-ha you made me laugh

Was that what you wanted?"

But the only thing that he replied was :

"I can't believe it happened . . ."

It's just another normal day

Though they're all acting strange

"I think I know what this is!"

As Fred proudly exclaims

"It's just another normal day

We're all playing a game!"

"I have to be quiet" mutters his friend

"A quiet game we'll play!"

Soon enough the school day ends

Without Fred saying a word

He wonders when it will end

It was a bit absurd!

On his way while returning home

On this very normal day

He passed a few wearing black

He did not know what to say


Among the group he spotted John

And so he followed too

"What are we doing now?" Fred said

"You all look down and blue"

It's just another normal day

With people wearing black

Though he did find it kind of odd

They all followed him back!

"Why are you going to my house?"

The clueless Fred queried

Instead his mother got the door

She also looked quite wearied!

"We're here to visit him as well?"

"Of course please come inside"

He wondered what they needed

As he entered aside

"It's just another normal day

With people in my house"

He then hears them whisper low

"Where is he, Mrs. Strauss?"

"It's just another normal day"

Repeated the poor Fred

He followed them to the house backyard

In hand are roses red

They neared to a wood black box

That interested Fred

“What's the surprise?” He peered inside

He found himself staring, dead!

"It's just another normal day!"

Laughed and chuckled poor Fred

"Today I find myself in a box

Today's the day I'm dead!"


© 2022 Raizen Richard Sanchez

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