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Another Month And A Chance To Do More Than Before

Winter Coming Sooner Than You Think

Is this day any different than the ones we have lived?

Thinking and dreaming as if it was the only thing to do

Working because we have to

Living because we must survive

The weather constantly changing from nice to cold

The rain really knows how to put us on edge

Coming down harder with its partner the wind

Only to tease and torment many

Our bodies need sleep

There is no way around it

We must sleep daily or we can't even think straight

Our bodies also need food

To keep them functioning properly

Love is beautiful when we have it

Frustrating when you don't

People are so complicated

They are happy one minute

Cursing the next

To sit and write about life's experiences

That a few people may understand

Many won't care

My own freedom and personal drive for curiosity

Will keep me self motivated and always seeking more

If it is a short writing or page after page

I will always try to satisfy

My intense feeling of why we do what we do?

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