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I Need to Escape, I Need to Get Away and the Beach Is Calling My Name

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.


Blue Skies

I Need to Escape...

Sometimes it gets so hard just getting through the day

Too many are ready to shout you down, no matter what you say

People are angry for reasons they can't explain, for they, themselves, don't know

They're caught up in this, tied up in that, they go low, where they once wouldn't go

When it gets to be exhausting and more than I care to stand

I head back to the beach, for sun on my face and contact with water and sand

I take a deep breath and exhale...ever. so. slow.

The smell of the surf and coconut oil, get me in the zone, bringing back the flow

Sounds of the waves and the seagulls, kid's laughter off in the distance

Ignite my spirit and bring me back to life, far removed from negativity and resistance

Here I am made brand new, a much better version of me

It can be found if we search it out, for me, it will be found at the sea!

I Need to Get Away...

Our nature, even if optimists, at times, goes through a lull, we get down

When friends take note of a missing smile, snatched away, replaced with a frown

It is then, that is your sign, remove yourself for it is time for you to go

Take the time and go to that place, that's the perfect place for you...you'll know!

Distance yourself from negativity and anger, even if just for a day

I'm taking my advice, can't make it happen yet, but very soon, I'll be on my way

I cannot be good for anyone else, when I'm not even good for me!

Revival is key in fixing me, a connection with God, whatever it takes, is what it must be

If we all would take the time; to escape, meditate, rejuvenate, renew

Perhaps our differences, (if not completely) could be reduced to a minimal few

On my terms alone, is how it must and so, it shall be,

to get back in the groove, refreshed, becoming the very best version, of me!

AB Williams


© 2020 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on March 27, 2020:

Who knew!?!

What do you say we all meet under my umbrella, when this is all behind us.

Stay safe!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on March 07, 2020:

Thank you Mitara. It's a universal message for sure.

Mitara N from South Africa on March 07, 2020:

Couldn't agree more

A beautiful and relatable poem indeed

Thank you for sharing

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on March 06, 2020:

Yes it does Margaret.

Oftentimes a change of scenery or a change in routine will suffice, but sometimes, nothing short of "getting away" will do.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

Margaret Pan from Athens on March 06, 2020:

Sometimes it gets so hard just getting through the day indeed.. A beautiful, relatable poem!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on February 22, 2020:

I will save you a spot under the umbrella Vivian! :)

Thanks for adding to the message.

Vivian Coblentz on February 22, 2020:

I felt like I was under an umbrella at the beach with you!

I love how you mention you're taking your own advice....too often, we have answers for other people but don't apply it to our own lives!

You are wise to note that sometimes we need to step back to recharge our own batteries so we can be the best version of ourselves. The magnificence of the ocean is a great place to do it! It always reminds me of God's power and sovereignty to handle the things that stress us.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on February 21, 2020:

Hi Nikki, I am all for being involved in all matters which effect our future, but sometimes we must step back (not completely tune out, but turn off for a bit) and focus on our well-being...

Thanks for commenting.

Nikki Khan from London on February 21, 2020:

We must need revival of our own to make this universe a nicer place to reside on.

A refreshing idea to get away with all the negativity and depression. Thanks fir sharing, AB Williams.

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