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I Need to Escape, I Need to Get Away and the Beach Is Summoning

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.




I Need to Escape...

Sometimes it gets so very hard and just getting through the day, becomes a monumental chore

Too many are ready to shout you down, no matter what you do or say, it becomes all about settling some silly, petty score

People are angry for reasons they cannot explain, for they, themselves, do not know

They're caught up in this, tied up in that, they go low, into places where they once would not go

When it gets to be exhausting and draining and much more than I am able or care to withstand

I head back to the beach, for sun on my face and for immediate contact with nature, found in water, tropical breezes and sand

I take a deep breath and I exhale...ever. so. slow.

The smell of the surf and coconut oil, revive my senses and transform me right back into a positive flow

The sounds of the waves and the seagulls; kid's laughter off in the distance

Ignite my spirit and bring me back to life, far removed from negativity, strife and resistance

It is here, where I am made brand new and whole again, a much better version of me

It can be found, if we search it out, for me, it will be found at the sea!

Blue Skies

I Need to Get Away...

Our nature, even when optimistic, at times, goes through a lull

we are spent, we feel weary, we get dull

and so very worn down

When our friends take note of our missing smile, as if it has been snatched away, replaced by a frown

It is then, it is time, this is our sign to remove ourselves, it is time for us to pick up and go

Take the time and go to that place, that's the perfect place for see it, you already know!

Distance yourself from negativity and anger, even if it is just for one day

I'm taking my own advice, soon and very soon, I will be off, I will be on my way

I cannot be good for anyone else, when I am not even good for me!

Revival is key in fixing me, a re-connection with God, whatever it takes, is what must happen, is what it must be

If we all would take the time; to escape, meditate, rejuvenate, mend and renew

Perhaps our differences, (if not completely) could be reduced, to becoming such a minimal few

On our terms alone, is how it must and so it shall be,

to get back in the groove, refreshed, becoming the very best version of you, becoming the very best version of me.....

AB Williams


© 2020 A B Williams

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