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Another Day in a Fool's Twisted Paradise

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Head heavier with each passing moment

Could not even add two plus two

Physically ready to say goodnight

And let tomorrow come sooner rather than later

Unable to keep eyes open a moment longer

Drained of all energy from top to bottom

Just another bag of sand against the wall

To throw into the pile of life

Waiting to be used once again

To put the pressure on someone

Straying from the managerial define norm

Coloring outside the lines of the coloring book

Giving Princess Jasmine a new hairstyle

And color to match ti

A much needed update from the past one

Only to revert to the usual quiet braid

When the pressure of the limelight was too much

Wondering where the Princess belonged

If it wasn't on throne

Hard to fathom when everyone's expectations

Were so high and exacting in equal measure

Sharper than a knife and crueler in word form

Searching for the next Naturalizer heel to drop

Best to keep the proverbial lips sealed for now

To avoid starting a full scale war

Which provided no clear way for anyone to win

Not even the Princess herself

Keeping things the way they are

For the good of many

And for the safety of a few.

Time for the princess to meet her subjects.

Time for the princess to meet her subjects.

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