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Another Day Leads To Another Way

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Creating Something Out Of Nothing

What a magnificient and marvelous thing it is

Taking what information we are given

Trying to rework it in our mind

A new thought or an idea that might work

One that someone else has not even thought of

If they had, maybe they stopped short of finishing it

They came to a road block or an obstacle they couldn't hurdle

What if?

We could work together and find a way?

To make that beautiful and creative idea come alive

Creating a better way to do something

A new job

A new approach to an old problem

It could also spark a whole new industry or business

That for years was unnoticed and not developed

What we have to do

Is slowly analyze the problem

Break it down into a small enough portions

That it can be dissected and discussed

In a rational and logical manner

There are many questions to be answered

How can this be done?

How do we do it?

Who is able to make it happen?

How long will it take?

What problems do we encounter along the way?

How do we solve each problem and turn it into a sollution?

These are only a few questions I begin to ask

Each day has only so many hours and we all have to work and do many other things

We have a whole list of family responsibilities and obligations

That can't seem to wait

They tug at you and pull you in different directions constantly

A human tug of war

If you stop and try to do this later

Someone else might pick up where you left off

They will do what you couldn't do

You might of reached the end of your rope

If you have a team of people

That have the same goal in mind

You can go farther than you could ever do it alone

I am always looking for that right team

People that are interested in creating something new

To help other people solve a problem in life

If we each put a half hour a day in and have a group of 48 people

That is like one person working around the clock

Twenty four hours a day nonstop

Think of the improvements that can be made?

Think of the progress in a very short time?

That if we were trying to do it ourselves would take years

I am looking for the right team of interested individuals

Who are willing to put their time and effort

Who want to let their imagination go wild

Who try harder than anyone else I know

In the end

We can all accomplish something unheard of

We have to stick it out

Help each other

Work together

Stay together through all our challenges and obstacles

Be willing to give of our precious time

Most people think of money

Ideas take time and energy in the beginning

Time is money

So for those who would like to take a risk

A chance

Gamble in life

On something so wonderful and rewarding

Making and creating the impossible

Let me know

It doesn't matter where you live

It doesn't matter what experience you have

It doesn't matter that your busy

All you need is a half hour a day

Consistantly every day

All you have to do is cut your sleep time

Cut your activity time,reading time

You can take two minutes from every hour

That's forty eight minutes in one day

All you need is thirty minutes

So you have eighteen minutes extra

For the next day

Money in the bank for tomorrow

When you have less time than today

This is how my day begins

I get all excited

I can't wait to see how my day ends

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