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Another Day Another Way

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Life Lives On

There are so many things to see and do

Every day we make decisions

These moves are small steps that lead to climbing bigger steps

We don't always see where we are going

It is like fog has covered our eyes

Sometime later in life the fog has lifted

We can see our faults and our greatest achievements

Our mistakes tend to haunt us

I should have

I would have

If I only knew

We are people

People make mistakes

The important part is that we are here today

Through one big mess

Through all the heartache

There is so much to be proud of

The happiest moments of our life

Didn't just happen because of what we did

It was the result of what we followed through with and what people thought and also did

So it was a combination of effort

Part of which we had little control

Lets take a bannana for instance

We feel like eating a bannana

So we go and eat a bannana

In the short view

We say that was easy

The bannana looked ripe and then we peeled it

It was good

We didn't know there was a blemish on the bannana

A bruise we did not see

Under the skin

So it wasn't a perfect bannana

Then again nothing in life is perfect

Sometimes we get really really close though

After eating the bannana

I was very pleased

It was just what I craved for

I even at the bruised part

Now i take a step back and think of all the people involved

To make that one situation possible

Someone had to grow the bannana

Long before I even thought of eating it

Then they had to take that bannana and ship it to a store

Where the store had to put it out for display

Then I had to come along and buy that bannana

Before any other customers did

Bring it home

Then eat it before my wife did

So one little bannana

Had a life journey of it's own

Anywhere along the line it could of been disguarded

Then end up in the great bannana grave yard in the sky

In the end it made it to my stomach

Where it gave me the energy to write this short and sweet

Morning treat

So make it a good day

Try to remember

Life is not only what you do

But what everyone else does too