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Another Chance to Love

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Sara is a creative writer and her vision is to spread Happiness, love and Optimistic thoughts.


Joe fell in love with Leila when he first saw her.

He felt some magical feelings and deep affection with her.

They became an item couple.

After seven months of marriage, Leila found she was in the family way.

They celebrated this happiness.

Life was smooth and beautiful. But...

The days passed and Leila felt something wrong.

She stuck on her decision to file for divorce because she found her husband was playing away from home.

Nine months later, a little doll became her reason to smile.

Leila loved her to bits.

The little princess was her sunshine.

On first birthday of their daughter, Joe called Leila.

He was embarrassed and guilty.

He realized all that glitters is not gold.

Joe came clean about what he had done.

Leila never forget her 1st love.

She changed her decision of divorce and gave Joe another chance.

All bad times Leila swept under the rug.

And they lived happily with their darling doll.


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