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Anniversary of Death - A Poem

It's on us again

Another year passed

And here again

Moving on

and coming back

To remember

and reminisce

And life still goes

It has to

And it does

It has!

But it’s coming back—

That phone call


Rushing in.

Envisioning the pup

who led away

To disappear

In the woods?

In the water?

Oh, God, no,

Yes, but it is,

In the water

A path beyond

Cries, screams,

Crumpled hugs

Little comfort

With tears and silence.

Two years

Then three

As the day of the year

Comes and goes

And now it's five.

And we move on

And life goes on

But my heart does not.

© 2019 Victoria Lynn


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on August 24, 2020:

Your poetry reflects the poignant loss and sadness of a dear one who left this life all too soon. My sincere condolences are given to you and your family and friends. I hope your happy memories are greatly outnumbering the sad ones by now.

Reena Choudhary on November 23, 2019:

Really i can feel the sadness of your heart, because i lose my dad..and the pain and memories... still on... the never ending

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 20, 2019:

So sad. You capture the rawness of grief precisely. A beautiful, somber poem. I'm sorry about the loss that inspired this poem.

Dianna Mendez on April 13, 2019:

My heart was touched by your words. I still mourn the passing of my parents but as time goes on the memories remind me how wonderful they were to me and my siblings.

Perspycacious on April 13, 2019:

Looking into a heart on this one.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on April 13, 2019:

It's always nice to see you posting something, even if it's a sad remembrance. Sending hugs across the mountains to you.

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