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Annie's Hero (a Narrative Poem)


JayDee grew up watching and reading fairytales. She also has been writing poetry since she was 12.


Annie was a girl, Who knew no other world,
Than the one that was in her book.

Her imagination ran wild,
While she wrote her own style,
Of a world that her mind would cook.

With a castle and a king,
And a very evil queen,
There was a story building inside.

The story had a plot,
And an awful lot,
But there was one thing she just couldn't find.

"Who was the hero?"
For ideas she had zero,
When it came to her hero in shinning white.

"What would he be fighting for?"
Struggled her mind to ignore,
As she just couldn't get it right.

She had no mental images,
And no connective bridges,
Although one man did stand out.

For one day unexpectedly,
In her mind clicked you see,
A man and hero no doubt.

"I have a hero that's just lovely"
She said all smiley,
And he is a hero day to day.

He's smart and courageous,
But not very famous,
And wouldn't have it any other way.

For a girl has stolen his heart,
which no one can rip apart,
A girl he would defend gladly.

From the moment her life began,
She grew up with this man,
who to her was known as daddy.

For his whole world,
Was wrapped around this girl,
His purpose for his mission.

He would do anything,
Fight dragons and an evil queen,
To keep safe his prized possession.


© 2018 JayDee