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Anna - A Dead Witch Risen

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Burning Witch

Burning Witch

Tail of Newt and a pair of frog legs

Dandelions grounded and the shell of a crocodile’s egg

The hair of the victim and a drop of blood

A young lamb to sacrifice in a tub

Anna made a love spell which she thought was great

But the towns folk cried witch and burned her on a stake

They made a bond fire and roasted marshmallows in her screams

As her skin melted away and washed from her bone like a stream

Beer and cheers, men taunted and shout

Finally, they had burned the witch out

Young girls cried because they thought this was a horrible act

Religious fanatics clenched Bibles saying prayers while she turned to ash

But her last words before her soul left her body would see her revenge

Not until the last one died agonizingly her fiery soul would quench

Now the fire was out and the smell of burnt flesh rested on baker’s bread

They got what they wanted, the witch was dead

The men were too drunk that morning to get up and clean the spot

Instead, the children played in the ashes a lot

But there was something shiny in the pile of burnt sticks and Anna’s skull

Which caught the eye of a little girl and she gave it a pull

It was a bracelet with some kind of carving inside

But at the center had a red stone which looked like a tiny Vile

The little girl placed the bracelet on her harm and she felt a sudden sting

As the vile changed from red to clear as the blood went in

She stiffened out and fell to the ground

And the little children who were there playing ran and alerted the town

Anna had resurrected and had possessed the little girl

Now more powerful than ever, her revenge was sure

She moved through the town swiftly, casting chants, while people burst on fire

Revenge had flooded her mind and her heart was dark, she swore revenge and she was no liar

Screams of death frightened even birds nesting in high trees

As mothers watch their husbands die, terminated like fleas

Burnt corpse littered the town like the pied piper’s rats

A dead witch had risen and burnt the hell out of the ladies and chaps

The tale lives on even to this very day

The story of Anna, the burning witch simply will not go away.

© 2017 Clive Williams

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