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Anixiety Poem

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Anxiety welling from within
Something unrelenting
Like a worm
Burrowing in my brain
Something akin to
But not quite pain
A twisting and writhing chain
Dragging me down
Wrapping around my neck
Choking the breath out of me
And someday soon the life
How can I be sure I’ll break free
That I’ll pull myself up to the surface
And breathe deeply and freely again
Every time it’s the same
Pulled so deep below
But just a little deeper than the last
No one cares to lend a hand
Because they’ve been there
Done that
No doubt thinking
I must be here again because of my own actions
My own choices
Or maybe I’m just projecting
But what I’d really like to be doing
Is rejecting
All this anxiety
That wells up from within
Bursts forth and drags me down
Like chains meant to bind
Wrapping me up and blinding my sight
I fight I fight
But every victory is temporary
As much a curse as a gift
As I wait for the chains to burst forth
And start it all again

© 2022 David

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