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Animals That Touch Our Life

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So Sad To See Them Go

We cherish the time we spend with them

Never thinking about the time when they are gone

I came home and buried a neighbors cat today

It must have got out and on to the road

We have a cat of our own

So our first thought was panic

Did our own cat get out ?

A relief to know it wasn't our family pet

There have been times in the past

Our beloved Charlotte made her way

Past the two highly trained armed security guards

My wife and I

We are always on the lookout

For her latest tricks

Sneaking up quietly

Then leaping out as fast as she can

She sometimes tries to fool us

By going one way then all of a sudden racing toward the door

We have used spray bottles filled with water

We spray the can air fresheners

We watch as she goes running in the other direction

Each time keeping her indoors and out of harms way

She has always been an indoor cat

We don't think she would make it in the wild

We live on a busy road

During rush hour cars pass through on the way to the next town over

It's nobody's fault

A car traveling by wouldn't have time to stop

Cats are fast and move unexpectedly

Sometimes just not fast enough

I dug a whole as deep as I could go

When I hit a tree root I had to stop

I put a couple of Charlotte's toys in with the cat

Laid the cat on a towel

I said a little prayer

Buried in a small spot

Under a huge Pine

With our other cats

To know this little fella is blessed