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Anger Turned Into Awesome

The Downward Slide

When things start to go bad

You can follow the path

Slowly you go from bad to worse

If you're not careful

You can lose control

The anger builds

You start saying things without thinking

Soon you will believe

A whole world of foolishness

There is a better way

Changing up your regular routine

Before it is too late

You might have a past

That has been a series of bad decisions after another

There is no need to do it again

Just because your day isn't going well

It doesn't mean the following

That your life is always going to be this way

So drop the idea

This always happens to me

Don't follow up with I hate my life

Because you are making a mountain out of a molehill

You are seeing red and can think of nothing better

Then I am going back to bed

I can't stand this anymore

Soon you have made a pattern

One that your mind is familiar with

Now is the time

We need to find something to distract our thoughts

Take a drive

Go for a walk

Visit a local store and browse

You don't need to buy

Find something you enjoy

Treat yourself to a little bite to eat

After an hour has passed

You will find your no longer

Quick to judge

Not as hot-tempered

Now you can see even though things aren't great

There are things that you can do

To make your day better

Then when you try to fix the problems that have come your way

A slow change is a step in the right direction

Feeling good about yourself

Makes good sense

Then we are less likely to go off the handle

When future problems arise

What happens to you

Could have happened to many people

It is up to you

To make the best of a tough situation

Then you can find a solution

That will work

When or if this problem happens again

This is not the end of the story

It is a little after four A.M.

I woke up

My legs are restless

I don't have to get up to six-thirty

Thinking about yesterday

My wife said I couldn't help you out in the yard

I told her

Why are we going to go there

If you go out in the yard

The bugs love you

You end up with bug bites that turn into welts

Even though we both spray ourselves with bug spray

Some strange way it doesn't help

I could put the solar lights in

I can cut the grass

Instead, we do things together

As husband and wife

You like a plant in the ground

I ask you where you want it

I dig the hole and plant it

You take off all the tags on the solar lights

You fix the batteries just so

I put them in the ground

Scattered around our yard

You pick the spots once again

I make suggestions

A little to the left

Would it look better in the middle?

We compromise

We bought some white buckets

To put some tomato plants in

We haven't decided where they are going to go

In the yard on top of an old picnic bench

We moved a glass table off the deck

We moved another table on the deck

We tried to get an old umbrella stand to loosen up

When we left the umbrella

In on a windy day

It broke ofcourse

We hung up a bird feeder

Then I tried to cut the grass

It was later than normal

I was still mowing at almost nine o'clock at night

You yelled at me

It is late

What will the neighbors think

I said I know but I want to get it done

I stopped the mower and tried to get under where the trampoline goes

I broke the mower

No spring in the handlebar

I don't know what I did

I have a backup mower

I couldn't get that started either

Enough is enough

I decided to call it a night

The night doesn't stop there

While I was writing this

We had an unexpected visitor

A black ant roaming around our kitchen

No matter how much bug spray I seem to use

They still come through our slider

So even though the day might be over

It started yesterday with my wife being so angry

She wears these wraps on her legs

To help with the swelling

The wraps wouldn't stick

She got so mad and frustrated

I get it

I understand it

I don't have an answer

She did

No wraps today

I had it

So this is when I turn to write

Looking for a better solution

In the morning light

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