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Anger Could Have Destroyed His Relationship #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She did not have money on her to get new line, and the even if she gets new line, her

Phone uses micro-line while the line is macro type. After a deep thought he implored

Someone in the island, that she will pay for the Credit she will use, for she needs to call her

Lover it is urgent, this has been the second week that she has not been able to reach him

Neither him reaching her, and she believes he will by now be worried. She was not thinking

That he could be thinking of leaving her within short space of time, not knowing what really

Happened to her, nor hearing her out. The lady She contacted bought a credit into the

Phone and they called him. He was elated and expressed his displeasure at her not reaching

Him early, but the lady implored him that he should please hear him out. Then she explained

Everything to him, that she was even trying to get a new line because of him, but

Unfortunately the SIM card cannot be cut to micro line in the island, thus even if she buys a

New line it would have been a waste when she cannot insert it into her phone. The Young

Man understands the lady and felt sorry for himself for thinking he is like other ladies he

Has interacted with who has played on his intelligence and put him in his coming while they

Bolted off to another person. The initial plan of getting romantically involved with another

Person was killed and buried in his heart as he recommitted himself to her, promising

Himself that, he will always be patient with himself in whatsoever decision he wants to take

In life. He asks her if he could be calling her to the phone number she has called her with and

What time he can be reaching her. She replied that she will work that out, and whenever

She has opportunity to call she will feed him back. When she calls later, she told him, he can

Be calling to the number, and he can always reach him at 21:00 hours. From this


Development he discovers that God was teaching him the art and act of patience because

It is a patience person who can squeeze out milk from the breasts of a lioness. By the end of

The third week of the lady there, someone drives past what he has mold and appreciates it. He parks to know

Who has done that beautiful work. After knowing he is the one he bought the work at an

Exorbitant price, which was paid in international currency, for the person says, he is not a

Native of the island and he has been in the republic for tourism. People have told him about

Their island, that it is molders island and he has decided to see some of the works of

People of the island before he leaves the country. On seeing his work he says he has never

Seen something like that globally and has bought it. The money he paid for the works he

Bought runs to hundreds of thousands of dollars which in the island is millions of their

Currency. That was how the fortune of the man changed before his fiancée returned from

Where she has gone to. When he was briefing his fiancée on phone, she has replied him that

She feels like flying home to celebrate with him. He replies her to complete her work for

It would be double celebrations when she returns. When she returns it was double celebration

indeed. And those who supposedly have overtaken him financially, he meets with within

Fractions of days, then his parents who have been having double minds, unstable minds

About him have another thought about him.


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