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Anger Could Have Destroyed His Relationship #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Ladies in the island hardly gets engaged to a person who has not settled down, a person

Who is yet living with his parents, and who can barely feed himself let alone feed a woman,

Thus, when a guy like him proposes to a lady within the island, the lady would reply that she

Will give what he has said a thought, but in the real sense, she has answered him and the

Answer is “No, it cannot work”. He has proposed to different ladies within the island and

After those ladies have been informed of his status financially or known his status, they will

Turn down his offer and would ask him not to come to their dwelling place again neither

Raise the matter of love and romantic relationship with them again until he gets himself

Settled. In no short time, those ladies would get attached to other guys who have made it in

Society. Things became hard for him, but he is not ready to become a slave to any of the

Rich people in the island and he is everyday looking forward to when something good would

Come his path. Then one day, a maiden passes by and on seeing his handiwork, she was

Impressed with his works and gets to know who really has done that beautiful work.

When she gets to know that he is the one who has done it, she was impressed that though he

Has nothing, but his work could stand the test of time all over the globe. The woman and the

Guy starts their friendship and it would soon become an intimate one, and they started

Dating. He asks what the lady really sees in him for wanting to be romantically involved with

Him because he knows that with her beauty she would readily be attracted to any guy and

Especially those who have the financial muscle to pay her bride price within weeks if not

Days. The lady replies that though, what brought her to him was his handiwork for she likes

His works, but how the love developed she cannot really say, for she has discovered that she

Cannot do without thinking about him daily, her thought has been a deeper one, very deep

Resembling that of lovers she has said. then she has consulted with some people who have

Told her that, something would always bring people together before other things would

Tola Ogundare

Tola Ogundare

Follow and because she has been attracted to him by his work, it means that it is his work

That God wants to use to bring them together before launching them into romantic

Relationship. Molder was happy for her reply and promises that he will not disappoint her in

Life, for having stuck out her neck for him when all ladies he has proposed to have turned

Him down because he is yet to be financially capable, he will equally never let her down as

Long as they lived in the world. as they continued their romantic relationship, one day, the

Maiden travels to another island. While leaving for another island she has reached an

Agreement with her spouse that she will always be in touch with him through the phones, but

On getting to the place, where she has been lodged at the network of the area was extremely

Poor not to talk about the network of the entire town. The young man has been thinking

About the lady, he has tried his number, and whenever the call is connected, within a while it

Would disconnect again. then the young man thinks the lady like other ladies have decided to

Play on him and he is ready to jilt him like others have been doing. Because of this he has

Become furious and decided it is time he leaves her and start looking for another lady, for she

Has been playing on my intelligence claiming she is in love with me he has said to himself.

The lady too has been worried and all attempts at getting across to him has been fruitless

And they have just spent a week out of four weeks that they will spend in the village because

She has went for a workshop in the island. She has asked the natives and inhabitants of the

Island how they used to reach to the outside world and she has been told that, she may

Need to get another line because the island is at the boundary of the republic and the network

Providers in the island is that of the neighboring republic.


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