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Anger Could Have Destroyed His Relationship #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Then they would reply those, that it is unfortunate that many of the so called special

Molders rose to the top at the back of the poor within the island, for they will purchase their

Products and would display them in their warehouses and would take credits for their works

Because they do not have the financial muscles to put up big edifices where their products

Could be purchased at high rates, and because those people have been renown within the

Island, those of them who are trying to come up, they are being sidelined and silenced and

Because of poverty many of them have been selling their rites of ownership of what they

Have produced to the bigwigs in the society. Some of those people who heard their words

Would feel for them and would tell them that it is better to keep their bodies and souls

Together than dying prematurely, for it is a person who is still alive who has a thought of

Tomorrow but a dead person has no thought of another seconds. Then they will advise that

The young man also goes and sell his products to the rich people in the society for if by that

He could break forth in the society, but he whenever he is being counseled like that he

Will turn down their advise and say that he knows that one day, the Supreme Being would

Also arise to promote him and give him connection to people who will connect him to those

Who will be of immense help to him, adding that he will never kowtow to people who

Will milk him dry in their island. It has been a while that he has been saying this, and it has

Been noticed that people always acknowledges his work, but there has been no changes to his


Fortune, they will; acknowledge the work and say it is the best they have ever seen in the

World but they will not want to buy it at a higher price, even the price which he wants to sell

His products most of the times he will have to lower the price just to keep body and soul

Together. He has been on this position for a while and would not know what was wrong

With him and or maybe the work he is doing is not his career and he needs to try another

Discipline, this was what took him to different prophets houses and all of them told him

That molding is his career that he should not leave it, that his case is like the case of what

Happened during the creation of the world when darkness was on the surface of the whole

World and the Almighty could not do a thing for a considerable length of days until light

Appeared, that if he can endure his light would appear when he least expects and he will

Break forth deliver his family from their hardships and other people whose fortunes have

Been attached to his’ would be delivered. It was about 10 years ago that he heard this from

Prophets, yet things have never changed and the rich people within the island have been

Exploiting him, buying his products at a cheaper rate and selling it at high cost to those living

In another island and their fame keep increasing while he keeps feeding from hand to mouth.

The expectations of their parents that he is the one who shall deliver them has been lost,

For his younger brother who has chosen another career has been making waves in what he is

Doing, and their parents have been tempted to often times tell him that he needs to leave the

Work he is doing, and join his junior brother, to be doing the work he is doing so that he

Will be able to settle down and would be able to marry someone. He has come of age, and he

Has to settle down maritally they have told him. But he has not yielded to their advice

Because he is convinced that he will make it in what he is doing, he is convinced that

What he is into is his career, and he needs to endure so that the darkness that pervades what

He is doing be passed and he be launched into new realm according to what those seers have stated.


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