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Anger Could Have Destroyed His Relationship #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


One of the commonest jobs in the island in the ancient times is molding clay pots, the

Island is called molders island by people from other island because everyone within the

Island knows how to mold with clay. Some ancient natives of the island have also been

Saying that any one begotten in the island who could not mold things is a bastard because

The blood of molding runs through the veins of all the natives of the island. The people from

Other island used to say this of the natives of the island that, even a child in-utero within the

Island can mold things with clay. For this many natives of the island have been known all

Over the then world. However, as it is known that when many people are into the same trade

There are some people who will be talented, gifted and blessed more than others in the field,

That is not an exemption with the inhabitants of the island. For though about 85 percent of

The natives of the island, including the immigrants also mold things, but the percentage of

Those who the Supreme Being has given fame do not exceed 3 percent and about 25 percent

Are in the middle class, while the rest as living below the average. Many of those who are

Living below the average usually take their products to the rich people among them and will

Sell their products to them and those people would sell those products to their customers

From other islands at an exorbitant rates. That is how the cycle continues. Among those

Who are Living below the average and who are extremely good in molding things with clay

Within the island is the father of the young man called Molder. Since his childhood age he

Has been showing rare qualities in molding things when working with his father and his

Father would look at him and shake his head in bewilderment, thinking about where and from

Whom he has been learning all those innovations he used to introduced into molding when


Working with his father. Whenever his father raises this with his mother, his mother would

Reply her loving husband that, “ability is different from what is running in the genomes of

People”, what he is doing is running in his genome and that is why he is superior to others

Around, even those of us who are his parents. Then his father would reply that he hopes

That, the talents that flows in his genome as you have said, for which he could mold things

Easily, carve things with exceptionalism, would translate to making him big in life, so that his

Life would not be like theirs’. His wife would reply with a quote from the holy writ that

A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.People’s gifts

Always make room for them even before the big people in the world, adding that she believes

That what he is doing with ease and rare exceptionalism would one day make room for

Him and would make him stand before creme-de-la-crème in their island which would bring

A total turn around for them and they will also leave their poverty state to a rich status. They

That is how they continued to talk about him until he grows up and as it has been stated

That whatever anyone has flair for, one should concentrate on it, for it is the person’s career.

He believes this molding work is his career, and everyone who passes by whatever he has

Molded cannot but stop to take another look at his handiwork and would ask from those

Around in case he is not around from where the person has gotten the product from? May be

He has purchased it from the offices of those who have made it in the island and have known

As the exceptional molders in the island. But when people reply them that the person who

Molds it is one of them and or if he is around himself and replies that he is the one who

Molds it some of them would start arguing with him, that such cannot be true, he cannot be

The molder, for those who are known to be exceptional molders have carved a niche for themselves in the art and are living in special places within the island.

Note: Quotation

Proverbs 18:16


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