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The Angels Within

Poetry brings Solace,,, wrote a poem to remind myself that Im not alone, and there's more to life than I imagine


Somewhere and somewhat part of this universe, There is that someone who will appear during the perilous time of your life, sent by him to rescue you and show you how to retrieve yourself. What you should do is to have faith in them . They may be a stranger to you but somehow you'll feel more attached to them than anyone else closer to you. Trust and believe in them, be open to their words and accept your faults and forgive your flaws.



Thoughts keep running in my head,

Thoughts of desperation

Thoughts of depression

Thoughts of Unknown


Mind and soul,

In a great mess

Seeking happiness

Illusion or a foul,

The old me , I miss

Covered by a fabric of sadness

Hear my words in every gulp,

Under the dark cloud of madness

Screams and asks for help.

To the stranger who found me,

To you I am truly grateful .

Was so lost deeply ,

Appeared and gave me hope.

© 2018 Jai Hitachiin

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