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Angels of the Earthly Kind

Shannon is a passionate individual whose feelings and thoughts tend spill onto the pages, often in the form of poetry and sometimes essays.


This particular hub was inspired by my daughter, who lovingly told me one morning that I was her angel as she wrapped her arms around me for a hug. Additionally, she has asked if I love her the most. Unfortunately, I cannot tell her this is so, as I have two other children. Instead, I informed her that my heart has lots of room for love and was immediately asked if it would ever pop.

Also, in the course of other conversations, I have come to think about all of the angels that have appeared in my life. Some of them remain friends, some of them came for just a moment in time and remain strangers, and others stayed for awhile only to have to go on their way again. Nonetheless, these angels of the earthly kind are most appreciated.


For Daughter

As long as I'm around, you can always count on me

My love for you, it will not stop

Because my heart has lots of room, you see

You can fill it with love right to the top

But my heart can always hold more love

Though you are not the only one within my heart to set up shop

This one thing you can be sure of

My heart may ever grow bigger, but it will never pop!

Angels of the Earthly Kind

I believe in angels, if only of the earthly kind

They come like blessings from above

You never know when they'll be there to find

To show you unexpected displays of love

They come to you when you're about to lose the fight

To offer you a hand back up off the ground

Like a lighthouse beacon in the middle of the long, dark night

They always seem to just in time come around

Whether you need a hug, a friend, or something more

So don't you despair and don't you lose heart

You never know, an angel might be knocking at your door

To deliver you out of the depths of the dark

© 2013 Shannon Henry


Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on September 02, 2014:

Thanks so much, mothersofnations! They are heavenly just the same, aren't they?

Mothers of Nations on August 30, 2014:

Very touching poem. Earth angels are very important in this messy world. I believe we have all had one at some point in our lives, but it's also important to be one to those the Lord brings into our lives, whether for a just a moment or a lifetime.

Thanks for sharing. Voted up!

God bless you and your little ones!

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on May 23, 2013:

Oh, wow - that's touching. Thank you, Troyangeluk. That's one of the nicest compliments I've received.

Troyangeluk from UK on May 23, 2013:

I love this :) saved it in my favourites for when I'm down. Very nice work.

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on May 22, 2013:

Thank you, Faith Reaper. That's a lovely thought to carry with you about your mother! I've no doubt that many of the Earthbound angels in my life have been heavenly blessings.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 22, 2013:

I have many Earthly angels in my life too. My mother was the sweetest angel on this Earth, in my eyes. I also know that His angels are encamped all around me.

Thank you for this beautiful write.

Voted up ++++ and sharing

God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on May 07, 2013:

We mothers must always have a few choice words ready for when you kiddos step out of line. Haha Thank you for your kind comments, Colin. Daybreak over the lake sounds beautiful.

epigramman on May 07, 2013:

Well my mum was my best friend, a guiding light, a mentor, an inspiration and she provided me with unconditional love but with also a wise word if I stepped out of line (lol) and I read all of this in your beautiful and profound words here - I am so happy you have each other and that you have the pure and natural talent to pen your feelings and thoughts to the screen/page. Sending you warm wishes from Colin and his cats after night shift and we are all watching the daybreak over the lake at lake erie time ontario canada 6:10am

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on April 20, 2013:

Thank you so much for the visit, dialogue,and for the vote up! Both are greatly appreciated. :)

dialogue on April 19, 2013:

Beautiful read, thanks for the great share. I like the poem, voted it up.

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on April 19, 2013:

Yes, I can think of many angels in my life. I'm so glad you liked enough to both vote up and share! Thanks for taking the time to read it. :)

Sheila Brown from Southern Oklahoma on April 19, 2013:

What a beautiful piece! It is so true, angels can come from many places and many times in our lives, especially when we don't expect them! Voting up, beautiful and sharing! :)

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on April 13, 2013:

Oops, sorry to misspell your name, dreamseeker!

Thank you so much, Rosemay. So glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate your visit. :)

Rosemary Sadler from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand on April 13, 2013:

So true those angels turn up when we least expect them and as you say some will remain with us and some just there for the mom4ent.

Love this poem of appreciation

Shannon Henry (author) from Texas on April 13, 2013:

Thanks, dreamseer!! I appreciate the vote. So glad you enjoyed it.

dreamseeker2 on April 13, 2013:

Hey, I can't believe you don't have any comments yet on your poem! I loved it anyway!!! : ) Voted it up too!

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