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Angels of the Earthly Kind

Shannon is a passionate individual whose feelings and thoughts tend spill onto the pages, often in the form of poetry and sometimes essays.


This particular hub was inspired by my daughter, who lovingly told me one morning that I was her angel as she wrapped her arms around me for a hug. Additionally, she has asked if I love her the most. Unfortunately, I cannot tell her this is so, as I have two other children. Instead, I informed her that my heart has lots of room for love and was immediately asked if it would ever pop.

Also, in the course of other conversations, I have come to think about all of the angels that have appeared in my life. Some of them remain friends, some of them came for just a moment in time and remain strangers, and others stayed for awhile only to have to go on their way again. Nonetheless, these angels of the earthly kind are most appreciated.


For Daughter

As long as I'm around, you can always count on me

My love for you, it will not stop

Because my heart has lots of room, you see

You can fill it with love right to the top

But my heart can always hold more love

Though you are not the only one within my heart to set up shop

This one thing you can be sure of

My heart may ever grow bigger, but it will never pop!

Angels of the Earthly Kind

I believe in angels, if only of the earthly kind

They come like blessings from above

You never know when they'll be there to find

To show you unexpected displays of love

They come to you when you're about to lose the fight

To offer you a hand back up off the ground

Like a lighthouse beacon in the middle of the long, dark night

They always seem to just in time come around

Whether you need a hug, a friend, or something more

So don't you despair and don't you lose heart

You never know, an angel might be knocking at your door

To deliver you out of the depths of the dark

© 2013 Shannon Henry

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