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Angels Took the Lovers Home

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


Life is rarely fair and things happen,

that destroy the faith,

that tear lovers apart.

Raised in a tiny village,

on the Mexican border,

there was never anything,

to capture the heart

and often when she prayed,

she prayed to have the strength,

to break loose from her fate,

to find the passion of love -

to live life never thinking of yesterday.

Her wish came true,

the day three cowboys rode into town,

they were looking for some bandits,

that went robbing and slaughtering,

across the land.

As soon as she saw,

the handsome dark cowboy,

upon his horse,

her heart knew he was the one.

He fell for the pretty lady just as hard,

but he was there to do a job

and romance could only hinder.

But the bandits,

were still miles away

and it would be at least a week -

before they would come riding in.

While his pals played cards

and entertained the saloon women,

he began courting the lady,

with rose red lips,

hair as black as the night

and dark eyes that blazed with fiery light.

Oh, they warned her,

all those who wished her well,

but she was lost in the throes of passion -

lost in a world she had rarely known.

The cowboy thought he’d found heaven,

where before there was only darkness,

no thought of having to fight,

no thought of the job to be done.

The nights blazed with passion,

both sated only by the morning light,

like orphans swept up by a storm,

they were lost in the world,

that they had found.

The other cowboys warned him,

told him that the bandits were approaching,

the storm clouds gathered overhead

and as lightning flashed.

It seemed as though,

the angels in heaven -

had begun to pray.

Lost in the love he had found,

he thought the only way out,

was to take his love

and ride away -

to some safe haven.

To not stay and wait for the fight,

but then the telegram came

and it appeared that it was him,

the one that the bandits feared the most,

it was him that they wanted to kill.

To rid them of the power,

that he held over them,

the other cowboys told him,

that he must stand and fight.

But before the bandits came,

he and his love had taken flight,

in the town they all saw it,

the heavens flashed and rumbled -

surely the angels were praying harder.

Before the lovers could get through the valley,

up above upon the hill,

the bandits appeared,

the day seemed to become as dark as night

and the bandits raced into the valley.

She clung to him but he flung her aside,

behind the rocks to hide,

he was but only one man

and when the shooting began,

she could see nothing but smoke.

As the heavens opened wide

and the rains came down,

the smoke cleared

and four bandits stood around the body.

She no longer cared,

if she lived or died

and rushed forward to her lover’s side.

They watched as she clung to him

and with his dying breath swore of his love,

the heavens flashed lightning,

thunder crashed,

the angels had never prayed harder,

then as she fell over him,

overcome with grief,

there was another shot

and nothing more was left to do,

the bandits rode out of the valley

and the angels took the lovers home,

© 2017 Gypsy Rose Lee

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