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Angels At Play: Poetry

I am a writer of poetry and fiction. I especially love flash fiction. My name is Ruby, and I live in Southern Illinois. I am a retired R.N.


If you gaze at the heavens and watch the clouds roll by, sometimes you see angels at play.

As I lay on my couch and watch the clouds roll by

I am mesmerized by the beauty in the heavenly sky

The clouds swaying as they float away

Then I look deeper in the abyss and see a beautiful display


Angels dancing at a waterfall, throwing kisses, laughing and having a ball

It seems they are aware of my presence, and I hear them call

" Hello Ruby, this is your day

To see we angels as we play

The waterfall is so precious and it allows us to play like children again

We weave in and out and toss water into the whispering wind

Please come back to see us as we gleefully play

We'll be here to dance for you another fun filled day. "

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