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Angelic Poetry


It's okay to be broken,

You don't need to be fixed.

It's fine to be lost.

And your emotions to be mixed.



You tell me you like to swim,

But you are scared to drown.

You say that you want me to smile,

But you always frown.

You keep telling me that you love the stars,

But you are afraid of the dark.

You have your license,

But you don't know how to park.

You say that you love me,

But how do I know that's true when you get so afraid,

Of everything you do.


Never Enough

He had a crown of determination,

And he wore it like a king.

When nobody was around,

He would wish for wings.

He gave the darkness stars,

And it wasn't enough.

So he gave the galaxies constellations,

Even though it was tough.

But he felt un-needed,

Even after everything he had done.

But he still questions,

Am I ever enough?



Cupid was always there,

Helping people fall in love.

Always secretly helping,

In a form of a dove.

Although she liked her job,

She would like to try something new.

After all,

She wished arrows would work on her too.



I drag my fingers across the Atlas,

I ask "Where does it hurt?"

I feel the Atlas struggle,

Like a flightless bird.

The Atlas didn't know what to say.

The question was rare,

It takes a deep breathe and answers.