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Be Somebody


Someone Else

We are at a phase

That I thought would work

Winning the race

For what its worth

Then again I fell short

Thinking maybe it was my fault

Not showcasing the best

Not truly knowing what to express

Waiting for the right moment

Even if gestures were offered

Yet why is it all over

Nothing started nor ended

Everyday was magical

A simple message

Drove me insane

How am I to blame

You were everything I wanted

Honestly even more

That's why I feel rotten to the core

Because it was just me

I broke down my walls

Trying to break yours

Forgetting the worst

Thinking of a new birth

Trying to be a better man

Leaving it all behind

No more secrets, no more lies

I wanted to be that guy

So what else could I have done

Just to find out

You never wanted one

Simply put, I wasn't the one

Thoughts rambling through

I wasn't meant for you

Still I thought differently

Waiting, that just maybe

She would slowly realize

That I would be the right guy

But why has it come to this

You never wanted it

I tried to get closer

Yet you pushed me further

Telling them it wasn't enough

I thought, I already did much

Still I choose to blame myself

Since I thought well

Maybe she needs time

To slowly make up her mind

Why not tell me to stop

Rather than watch me try

Fall deeper inlove

Without a chance to survive

So watch me try,

Even ask you why,


© 2018 The Emotional Author

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