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And It Is Only a Thought


Restful distractions,

A beautiful smile,

Original thinking,

Despite of the miles.

A moment of silence,

A calm bit of time,

A wishful replacement,

Of things in our minds.


Emotions of sadness,

Or grief and dismay,

Our thoughts depend,

On each given day.

Be happy or sad,

It is all up to us,

Make up our minds,

The emotion we trust.


Any distractions,

A memory shattered.

Concentration helps,

For what really matters.

Things lost in time,

Our grandparents knew,

Think of the world,

With their set of rules.


It was different,

A much slower pace.

Given the stories,

They told of the place.

A place in time,

Many years ago.

And only a thought,

Of what we could know.

It is only a thought inspired by nature.

What does a woodpecker have to do with a thought? Watching the birds are a great way to get your creative juices flowing. I spend many hours watching nature just outside my window. A story in the making not just about birds and nature bloom, but memories come from any given thought. Give it try.

As we watch a busy city street, a blue sky, a winter storm, the list is endless as to what your mind comes up with.

© 2022 Diana L Pierce

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