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And Yet Again I Ask Why?

Hertha is as student at Unam. She aspires to become a teacher one day. A good teacher that will serve as a role model to everyone.

And Yet Again I Ask Why?

I met him at a concert,

We both smiled at one another genuinely.

We exchanged phone numbers,

And for weeks it has been romantic good morning texts and late night calls.

He picked me up at 6PM in a luxury Lexus.

Wearing a blue suit and well polished black shoes.

So kindly he opened the car door for me,

And we drove swiftly in the streets of Windhoek while listening to Boys 2 Men.

We had a delightful dinner Avani Hotel the heart of Namibia,

We spoke about work, goals and relationships,

While drinking Robertson natural sweet rose.

My heart was at peace, I felt safe.

He took me home and insisted I let him in.

I offered him a cup of Rooibos tea,

However, he insisted on more wine.

We spoke and laughed, it was already 10PM.

I was intoxicated,

My thoughts were at place,

But my strength was not.

He could see my weakness, I could see his lust.

I insisted he went home,

He insisted on tucking me in bed.

He gently lay me down on my bed,

As he unzipped my red dress.

I felt his cold hands around my waist and my legs being pulled apart,

I felt my warm tears running down my cheek,

All I could say was, "stop",

All he could say was," what did you think was going to happen".

© 2020 Hertha David

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